Hello, I’m Oliver Whiteley. This is my website that showcases the work I do and the creative solutions I offer. After leaving Uni and a short stint as a teacher, I set up a sole tradership primarily offering graphic design services.

My aim was, and still, is to produce excellent design that clearly communicates a client’s ideas; what graphic designer doesn’t? However, I try to distinguish myself from other agencies and graphic designers by paying particular attention to customer service. I like to meet face to face to discuss ideas and generate solutions. I’m flexible, and will aim to fit to the needs of your business; if you can only meet on Saturdays, that’s fine with me!


Illustration for a Modern Amusments project: 'Tea in the Pub'


I soon realised that in my local area there was a shortage of creative people and just offering graphic design wasn’t enough. Increasingly I found companies I worked with didn’t have the budgets to pay “professional” photography fees, or were too scared to get these people in because they’d been ripped off so much in the past. So I bought a Canon 7D camera so that I could offer this service… having good photos makes design a lot easier, and therefor quicker and cheaper! This is when I started to refer to my work as “creative solutions” because I was now offering more than just a graphic design service. I could take an individuals idea of their business through brain-storming, logo design, photography, website design, printed design and video to a point that they had a complete brand identity.


One of my first projects, logo design ideas for Bapio - The British Association of Physicians of Indian Origin


In 2010, I began to work with Silverstone Woodlands to help them develop their brand and company as Silverstone’s Official Campsite provider. As we worked together to push their business so we began to work more closely, to the point that the offered me a full time job as their Production Manager. I took it! But my contract still enables me to continue my business “on the side”.

Today I still offer creative solutions in magazines, photography and given I enjoy all types of projects; if you’ve got one you think I’ll enjoy, then get in contact.


Working at Silverstone Woodlands means I use all of my creative skills, including photography

Why do I not offer my other services now?

My reason for this is that websites and brands, I feel, need a creative individual that is quickly able to align to their needs. With my current commitments I am no longer able to do this, as this is part of the customer satisfaction that I built my whole business on. I don’t wish to tarnish that reputation or to annoy people to agree to doing stuff I can’t complete on.

What’s the difference with magazines and photography? With magazines there’s a print deadline and once the magazine’s gone to print, that’s it, there’s no turning back. Similarly with photography: you go to the job, photograph it, edit the photos, supply copies of those photos and that’s it. These type of contracts are closed loops, therefor I can accept these contracts and still offer the service I know my clients will value.



If I’ve bored you by now (I realise there’s been a lot to read) I’d have a break or a cup of tea or alternatively click here and play some Super Mario for a while. When you’re done, have a look through the rest of my site.



In the early days it was just straight forward graphic design like this poster for My Beauty Secrets