Case Study – Marigold Charters

Testimonial from Kevin of Marigold Charters…

” We were recommended Oliver by Nesta Developments Ltd and we haven’t looked back! “

A brand identity including:

  1. Formed the basis of the brand
  2. Logo Design
  3. Photography
  4. Website Design
  5. Video

3) Photography

We already had the logo and identity formed – but before work could begin on the website we needed photographs to populate it. We did this on a January tide; we were lucky with the weather but it was pretty cold – luckily my fingers could still operate the camera!


4) Website – A customised WordPress solution

For their website we opted for a WordPress solution that would give Kevin & Vicky autonomy over their content.

5) Youtube Video – Bringing another dimension to the Website

To help really sell the experience to the potential client, I decided to make a short video to accompany the website. This also helped with SEO.